Sixteen Seasons’ Reasons

I haven’t stated explicitly in the past what this blog is here for, and I’d like to dispel any misconceptions. The reason I thought of starting a blog was not to inform my family and friends back home about my life at the seminary. The fact that they can stay informed, and that they seem to enjoy being informed, is an added benefit. The reason I started this blog was so that anyone who was interested in what CRTS life was like could come here and find out.

Before I moved to Hamilton and started school I had very little idea of what it would be like. I had heard that the academics were challenging, but how difficult I was not sure. What would I be learning about and would I enjoy it? I had no idea what to expect of student life and I had only met one of the professors before, briefly. Also, Hamilton was not highly spoken of as a place to live, so there was that, too. In short, it was a mystery.

It is a mystery no more. I am happy to say that while the workload is heavy, it’s less work than, say, running your own pig farm or construction business. The material has the added bonus of being very stimulating and rewarding. The professors are a pleasure to learn under, and student life is full of boisterous debate (is Philip Comfort a majority or eclectic text guy?) and healthy camaraderie, the pinnacle of which is Friday afternoons at Darlington Manor (my home).

I think it would be a shame for someone who was thinking about coming to CRTS to be scared off by horror stories about four years of dense academic drudgery that consume your life to the exclusion of family, friends, and hobbies. It isn’t true, and I hope to show you on this blog that the challenges at seminary are both up-building and a joy to experience. I want you to be jealous that you aren’t here.

So you are most welcome at this blog, whoever you are. And if you feel like you have something to say or to ask, comments are open to every one. It’s no secret that bloggers love comments, and I’m no exception.

If you’re careful, you might even get some Instagram shots of the profs:


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