With Synapses Ablaze

We faced the 31-headed German Hydra this morning, minus the poison and the evil of course, and translated into English. By German Hydra I mean Heidelberg Catechism, and the Great Challenge of our first semester.

For the past two months I’ve studied it, faithfully applying it to my brain day after day, week after week. I went into the test with catechism like peanut butter smeared all over my cerebral cortex, with nothing left to do but to scoop it onto the page. I did just that, writing at Mach scribble. Still, the time was short and I was forced to give less than optimal answers for the final application section. In that section there were two questions, each of which required you to draw from two applicable Lord’s Days and a brief explanation for your choice:

1) How would you explain the necessity of fencing the Lord’s Supper to a couple who were having difficulties seeing the reasons? I picked Lord’s Days 30+31 (Q+A 82 and 85, specifically).
2) What would you say to a young man who comes to you struggling with his faith and worried about the doubts he’s having? I went with Lord’s Days 7+16 (Q+A 21 and 44).

Maybe those weren’t the best choices, but I had 3 minutes to answer that question and that’s what came to me. As you can imagine, it’s quite the relief to have the exam behind us. In some ways the freshman year is the most difficult, or so I’ve heard, in part due to having to memorize the catechism. Now that we’ve got nearly 2/3 of it behind us we can put some of the stress to rest, and relax this afternoon over some adult beverages.


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