Hitting the Links

It seems as if the hump of the semester is behind me. I have one big assignment due on Friday, but I’ve got all week to devote to that. There’s nothing left after that but one more week of school, and glancing at my agenda, it’s light week. So two weeks of school left, then exams.

Down the left hand side of my blog I’ve got a bunch of links that may or may not interest you. The Goodreads box has all the textbooks I’m using plus whatever I’m reading on the side. Which isn’t much. There are also links under the “Links” heading which lead to websites that I’ve come across in my studies. They’re mostly academic sites, but who knows, perhaps you’ve got a hidden “Septuagint and Cognate Studies” side of you that’s just waiting to be set free. You’ll be asking yourself how you lived without it.

Below the “Links” section I’ve got a new “Papers and Presentations” section which will contain whatever assignments I choose to put up there. Generally speaking, if I do well, I’ll put it up there. No, you’re likely not all that interested in Thomas Aquinas’s doctrine of existence as something added to the world, but hey, you didn’t know you were a Septuagint and Cognate Studies person, either. I’ll put my chapel presentations and other sorts of extra-curricular assignments up there as well.


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