The Goings-On in the Great Hall

It’s exam time at CRTS. The freshmen and the seniors write their exams together up in the great hall. There’s a tasteful pink armchair up on the stage, and with a flourish that’s reminiscent of Salvador Dali, a big clock sits in the chair. This morning we wrote our first exams, and both freshmen and seniors wrote Hebrew. We don’t always write the same exams, of course, as we take different courses, but it worked out that way this morning. Our next exam is on Thursday, with us freshmen writing Symbolics and the seniors writing Dogmatics.

My exam went ok, so I’m pretty sure I passed. It was one of those tests where if I get anywhere between 65 and 90, I won’t be shocked, which means there was a lot of guessing. As always, there were moments where I was staring at the Hebrew as if seeing it for the first time. In the section where we had to translate Hebrew sentences into English, I ended up translating one of the sentences as: “and she lived on the threshing floor like her death.” I don’t know what it means to live like death on a threshing floor. I’d be surprised if anybody does, but no amount of wracking my brain could come up with anything different. Still, I ran with the off chance that Dr. Smith was throwing us some existential Hebrew poetry.

I found out later from Jon Chase that it was supposed to say: “and she lay down on the threshing floor as though dead.” Right, shachav means “lie down,” and not “live.” So I missed that one. Still, I think I did ok.

In other news, I came across this article from the New York Times yesterday. I decided to experiment, so yesterday and today I did my schoolwork standing. It didn’t feel very strange at all. In fact, it reminded me of the years I spent working in the cabinet door shop where I’d stand for hours at a work station. It does mean that if I’m going to do this from now on, I’ll have to redesign my study. Right now, in order for my work to be comfortable at standing height, I’ve got a Rubbermaid container sitting on the top of my desk like a pulpit. Since I’ll be painting over the bright yellow walls during the Christmas break, perhaps I’ll use the opportunity to try out some standing-workspace ideas. We’ll see.


2 thoughts on “The Goings-On in the Great Hall

  1. I was trying to look smart and write “strength” in Hebrew. So I went to google to see how this was to be done on a Mac. Turns out it can be done, however, just a little too complicated for me, so I’ll just write it in English. We pray that the Lord will give you strength in your studies and exams, and look very much forward to seeing you and Arenda and James in a couple of weeks!

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