Omega Tav Z

We write our last exam of the semester, Diaconiology, this morning. After that, triumph. First we’ve got the potluck lunch at the seminary with all the faculty, students, wives, and young kids. William denHollander, freshman Philosophiae Doctor and resident Josephus scholar, started a seminary choir a few weeks back. It’s pretty informal, and the choir meets on Thursdays for fifteen or twenty minutes of singing Psalm 42. We’ve got two verses down and we’ll be singing today at the potluck.

This afternoon we’ll be getting together here at the manor, as is our custom. Or, as Theo once said, we’ll be “retiring” to my place after lunch. It’s normally quite festive, the sort of sick fellowshipping with the bros that makes it a weekly highlight. But I’m looking forward to an especially celebratory atmosphere this afternoon, as the weight and stress of the semester are put behind us. For us freshmen, we’ll be toasting the fact that we faced the dragon of seminary, and we didn’t blink.

Tonight we head over to Ben and Danika Schoof’s place for more merrymaking, this time with our wives. A good way to put the semester to rest. We’ve got three weeks of holidays that follow and I’ve got a number of things planned.

First, we travel to BC next week to spend a week over Christmas with friends and family. After four months of being away, we are very much looking forward to the gezelligheit of good wine, good food, and the presence of our loved ones (but not necessarily in that order). Back in Hamilton, Arenda and I will be doing some painting upstairs and I’d like to rearrange my study somewhat. I’ve also got a bunch of reading that I’m itching to get to. Throughout the semester I managed to do some personal reading, but not as much as I’d have liked, so I nursed a growing list on my whiteboard. I won’t read everything on the list, and some of the books depend on whether or not Arenda gets them for me for Christmas, but here’s a sampling:

The Everlasting Man, G.K. Chesterton
The Abolition of Man, C.S. Lewis
The Twilight of Western Thought, Herman Dooyeweerd
The Great Tradition: Classic Readings on What It Means to Be an Educated Human Being, Richard M. Gamble

I’ve read the first two already, but they’re books that I’ll likely return to many times in my life. If you read nothing in your life but the Bible, Chesterton, and Lewis, both your life and your home will be rich and happy places.

I do plan on posting here throughout the holidays; maybe some posts about life in Hamilton, maybe some more book reviews, maybe some other things, too.


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