Wading In

Today marked the end of Christmas break, but not quite the beginning of our next semester. These next two weeks are an interim semester, a “semester-lite,” if you like, during which we attend lectures and workshops focused on teaching and preaching the Heidelberg Catechism. At the end, next week Friday and Saturday, is the “Your Only Comfort” conference hosted by CRTS at Burlington Ebenezer CanRC church. The second semester does not begin until January 21, two weeks from today.

The schedule follows the same pattern as normal, with classes in the morning and the afternoons off. But instead of the mornings being composed of four forty-five minute blocks, we now have two one-and-a-half hour blocks. Here’s our schedule for this week:

Dr. de Visser, “Theological Foundations for Catechism Teaching”
Allard Gunnink, “How to Make a Catechism Lesson”

Dr. Christine van Halen-Faber, “From Catechumen to Communicant: Setting up a Curriculum for Catechetical Instruction”
Dr. J. Visscher, “I Belong, 25 Years On”

Rev. Al Bezuyen, “Catechism and our Covenant Youth: Some Thoughts about Curriculum”
Rev. J. Bouwers, “Growing up into Christ: Reflections on the 2012 URCNA Synod”

Rev. J. van Popta, “Perspectives on New Members Classes”
Dr. J. Visscher, “Catechism Preaching”

Dr. de Visser, “How to Write a Catechism Sermon”
Dr. J. Visscher, “How to Write a Catechism Sermon”

During the first three days of the second week, we will have two sermon sessions per day. This will allow the six third and fourth years students to deliver sermons, while the second years simply have to hand one in. Us freshmen get to do a catechism sermon outline. Thursday we have off, and Friday/Saturday is the conference.

Some things are the same, however. We’ve got our second catechism test on February 15, so I’m back to learning a catechism every day. I started today with Lord’s Day 32.

Our windswept front yard:


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