Staking Out a Corner

If you are new to the world of blogging and are interested to know if there are other Canadian Reformed bloggers out there, indeed there are. Here are a number that I’ve come across; I will post permanent links to them in the sidebar:

One Christian Dad I’d love to see more people doing what Ryan Smith, a member at Chilliwack, does. We as a church have a great deal to offer, both in terms of doctrine and community, and that’s as true of the members in the pew as it is of the ministers. We are called to be active agents in the world around us, to give a public account of the hope we have in Christ, and a blog is a great platform from which to do this. The internet could use a great deal more light, and you can find some of it here.

Bylogos If you’re interested in an orthodox defense of the historicity of Genesis, and a thoughtful engagement with the latest scientific ideas, then I highly recommend Dr. Byl’s blog. And his books. I’ve read them both (I think he only has two, anyways) and they provided both comfort and conviction during a time when I found myself rattled by some of the claims of science.

Keep Ablaze I speak with a great deal of respect when I say that Rev. Schouten does not post as often as he should. His posts on nutrition and whole foods have proven a blessing for our family, as they’ve pointed us in a much healthier, and more food-conscious, direction. They may just do the same for you. He also touches on broader cultural issues, like the creation/evolution debate, and suggests some helpful resources there.

Yinkahdinay Rev. Wes Bredenhof is the pastor of our church, Providence Canadian Reformed Church, here in Hamilton. He’s been blogging for years now, and has produced a pile of helpful material like book reviews, sermons, cultural commentary, and whatever else he has stored away in his 50+ categories. You can spend a lot of time at his blog, and you’d be better-informed for it. We Canadian Reformed folk aren’t all that into producing culture, although we consume it in vast quantities. What I mean is, although we all enjoy listening to wide varieties of music, reading books, watching movies, or going to plays, very few of us are published writers, musicians, filmmakers, or playwrights. That complaint aside, our own Rev. George Van Popta is a hymn-writer/poet, and it’s worth your while to check out his growing body of work. He also has a number of links to some interesting liturgical music sites.

JimWitt Rev. Jim Witteveen’s blog these days is mostly a collection of his sermons. There was a time when ministers would publish books of their sermons, and when people would read those books, to their personal edification. A couple years ago, I decided to go through the book of Matthew by reading a sermon every day, from a variety of ministers, as a devotional. It was a worthwhile attempt that was later abandoned for various reasons, but it’s a devotional exercise I may try out again in the future. Anyways, Rev. Witteveen is going through the book of Mark at the moment, and he also has a series on Leviticus from 2010 if you’d like to dig deeper into that complex book. His older posts also cover a wider range of topics.

Rev. Bill Dejong’s Episkopos and Rev. John Van Popta’s are also on the list, but neither of them have posted for the better part of a year. I’m sure there are more Canadian Reformed bloggers out there yet, and as I come across them I will include them along the side also.


3 thoughts on “Staking Out a Corner

  1. I noticed an unusual spike in viewers and new followers this evening…Curious, I checked the stats I saw that a number of viewers were referred from this site… so I clicked on it. I was pleasantly surprised. It is good to see another “Canreffer” who is “gospelizing the blogosphere” as I like to call it.. Thanks for the kind words Jeremy. I will have to check out your blog more in depth.

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