A Time To End

Mr. Eelhart wrote up a response, but due to some sort of blog glitch, he couldn’t get it posted here in the comments section. He emailed it to me, and told me he’d also posted it over on ExChristian.net. I couldn’t find it over there, but you can read it here. Basically, he elaborated more on why he had written the post in the first place, and then restated his core beliefs.

To be honest, I got tired of my previous post pretty quickly. The comments section became little more than a space for venting expats, and there seems to be some genuine confusion out there as to what constitutes a “personal attack.” No matter. Mr. Eelhart is not very interested in dialogue, and that’s fine. I’ll leave him be. There is a great deal of good literature out there that deals with Atheism, and if you’re interested in the subject, two excellent books are Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis, and Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton.

As for me, I will leave you with a statement of my own:

I cannot give Atheists the argument that they’re looking for. My faith is not one that has come about through reason, logic, or empirical evidence. Instead, the same way that I see a sunrise and my heart is smitten with beauty, so when I read the words of Scripture my heart is smitten with truth. Those sacred words are more real and more true than the computer screen in front of me, and the warm coffee in my cup. I am a skeptic of the worst kind; I have come to doubt everything but the Word of God. I doubt myself, I doubt others, I doubt what my senses tell me. But the fact that pulses through my mind with an unmatched clarity and brilliance is that two thousand years ago a bloody pulp of a man hung naked on a Roman cross, and as he hung there he became the most powerful lightning rod in history. God the Father poured out his unspeakable wrath against sin, and the focal point of that wrath, my Lord, my Shepherd, and my Saviour Jesus Christ, took every last bit of voltage that was otherwise marked for me. Now that’s all the absurdity in the world bound up into two setences, but it’s by that very absurdity that the world has become unbound.

(I won’t be approving any new comments on these posts. Judging from the ones that have been made so far, I can’t see this going in any sort of fruitful direction.)


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