Fresh Impressions

Someone once said of a certain place that “you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.” But I’m happy to say that aside from a few bounty hunters and the odd Wookie, that place has nothing in common with CRTS. In fact, you could say of CRTS that you’ll never find a more blessed hive of chums and harmony. That was my impression when I showed up (late) on the first day of school in September, and it’s a more full and affirmed impression as I look back on our freshman year.

That year ended yesterday morning. During exam season the students write their exams together up in the great hall of the seminary, and we all wrote our final exams yesterday. I should point out that they were Dr. Van Vliet exams – Intro to Theology for the freshmen, Contemporary Issues for the seniors – which means that you put your pen to the paper and let fly, and hope you’re done in two hours. Second-year Gerard thought he might have pulled a muscle. Fourth-year Theo was finished first, and to his delight he received a salute from second-year Johan and a round of applause from everyone else. I’m not sure who started the clapping, but it was one of those moments when suddenly everyone was doing it. We clapped for the other fourth-years as well, but by the time Calvin was done there were only a handful of freshmen left in the room. And our hands were sore from writing.

After the exam, and after chapel, the student body got a group photo with our four professors and our beloved adjunct lecturer of Greek, Mr. Josh Walker:


Those are the three fourth-years in the front there, to Dr. Visscher’s left. That would be Calvin, Theo, and Ben, in that order. They’ll be missed. Ben was the Aussie with the Canadian accent, Calvin was a lot of pun, and Theo was the elder statesman of the student body. I think I can speak for everyone when I wish them all the Lord’s strength for their classis exams, and for the challenges that lie beyond.

So that’s four out of sixteen seasons at CRTS. On Monday I begin a two-week orientation with Rev. VanWoudenberg down in Dunnville, during which I’ll get to tag along to some visits and meetings and also begin tinkering around with sermon writing. That’s what happens following the freshman year; the second-years get to work with a missionary somewhere, and the third-years go off to do a summer-long practicum. Most of the students work for the summer, and a few of us will be starting a book club.

I will be blogging here throughout the summer. There were topics we discussed this year that I never got around to blogging about, there’s the orientation with Rev. VanWoudenberg, and beyond that there’s life, the universe, and everything.


One thought on “Fresh Impressions

  1. Congratulations on the completion of your first year! Looking forward to seeing you again. Hugs to you, Arenda, and James,
    from both of us!

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