On Georgian Shores

Out here in Ontario they’ve got what’s called “cottage country,” which appears to be the entire province north of the GTA. It’s where we spent some time camping at what, for obvious reasons, sounded to us like a speech impediment: Awenda Provincial Park. It’s on the shores of Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay, just north of the town of Penetanguishene. And no, you wouldn’t want to drop that name unannounced in the company of charismatics.

Here is Penetanguishene harbour; and if you look carefully through the masts you can see St. Anne’s Church, the Cathedral of the North:


Some evening light beside our campsite:


We decided to head down to the beach on our last night, just to see what the setting sun looked like. What a sublime sight awaited us!

Yonder walks the man-child:


Turns out that yonder involved wind and waves, and like Simon Peter before him, James felt his heart grow weak. Some “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” from mom calmed him down:


Everything about the scene was powerful, the light, the clouds, the winds, and the waves. If something of such gripping and forceful drama, far beyond the power of man, is accomplished by a mere word of the LORD, then we do rightly to fear Him:





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