Ancaster Sunbursts

I just finished my first of three weeks working for Cedar Springs Landscaping, a large outfit that operates out of Ancaster. One of the two owners, Jack Wieske, is the son of a minister and a brother to one, and he’s known for hiring seminary students in the summer. So when I had a three week gap in the summer between my last landscaping job in July and going to England at the end of August, I contacted Jack. He kindly agreed to fit me in somewhere and so far I’ve had plenty of hours.

The landscaping yard is out in the country, down Trinity Road, and the early morning drive takes me through foggy fields at sunrise. I don’t really get a chance to stop and enjoy the views, so I headed out this Saturday morning with my iPad to take some photos. There wasn’t as much fog as I would have liked, but still gorgeous:










4 thoughts on “Ancaster Sunbursts

  1. Thanks for providing us with some new screensavers đŸ™‚ It definitely is a nice commute. I like to take Book Road in but it’s usually pitch black at that time.

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