Castles, Churches, and Ales

We are in the medieval castle town of Ludlow, Shropshire, UK, this evening, and have had a wonderful time so far. I have dined on the meat of a wild boar, and did so in the Oxford pub where Tolkien, Lewis, and the other Inklings once spent their Tuesday mornings; I have drank little but the finest ales in public houses around the south of England; and I have read with my own eyes from the pages of Codex Sinaiticus at the British Library. Tomorrow we begin a three-day walk that will take us through the countryside along the Welsh border, a welcome change from a few days of long drives.

Some pictures:

A pub in the hamlet of Corsley:

image image

Nunney Castle:

image image

The town of Wells:

image image

Glastonbury Abbey:

image image


3 thoughts on “Castles, Churches, and Ales

    • Hi Jaclyn! Hmmm, I recall having epic days surrounded by epic landscapes (the Alps in Salzburg, for example) and I feel like the landscape here is more conducive to charming, cozy days. Yesterday came close, though. We went on a three day walking tour and the last day took us onto Offa’s Dyke, which had nearly panoramic views of the lovely English and Welsh countryside – just beautiful! 🙂

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