A Little Bit of June in Autumn

Just over five years ago we were on our honeymoon, making our way by car around that great country to the south. Along the way we read aloud to each other a biography of Johnny Cash. It was somewhere between the wildflower-lined highways of South Carolina and the sweaty, rusty Mississippi delta that we decided that Cash’s wife, June Carter, had a pretty name. It was simple and traditional, and we felt it was just the name for our, Lord willing, future daughter.

Well it’s five years later, and it has been the Lord’s will to answer our prayers. This morning we welcomed into our little family June Adelle, a younger sister to James. Everything went as well as it could have gone, although the birth did not take place at home as we had planned. Last evening was the night of the newborns, apparently, and as all the midwives were busy at the hospital, we were told to meet them there. That wasn’t helped by the fact that McMaster hospital is one wretched-looking building, a drab, factory-like eyesore that even on the sunniest days glares with its gloomy mope at anyone who cares to look.

Nevertheless, despite the building’s best efforts to rid the world of joy, within its very heart the most wonderful of all joys was ours. The birth of children is a profound testimony to the grace of our good God, and today we marveled at his providence. Indeed, this semester has been a continual reminder of that providence, as third-year Rick and his wife Hannah, fourth-year Tyler and his wife Keri, and our beloved adjunct lecturer of Greek, Mr. Josh Walker and his wife Krystle, have all received children from the Lord. And we’re only in the middle of the baby boom.

Arenda loves to knit, and yesterday she finished the baby blanket she’s been working on for some weeks. Psalm 139 teaches us that the LORD, too, loves to knit, although with a power that far exceeds even our ability to imagine, a mystery that is wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. Marvelous are thy works, and that my soul knoweth right well!

Little June with her dad:

June Adelle-5


10 thoughts on “A Little Bit of June in Autumn

  1. Congratulations Jeremy & Arenda! Love the name! We’re thankful with you all is well and pray Arenda has a speedy recovery!

  2. Her name is so beautiful! I like that Arenda’s birthday is in June as well; it may be a bit of a stretch, but to me it seems even more special because of that. 🙂

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