Ode to a Greek Intern

A few months back with my readers in mind
I put a survey on here in which you cheerfully chimed
That you’d like to know more about the faculty here
So I’ll fill you in on our Grecian seer.

He’s not quite a member of the faculty per se
But as beloved adjunct he does the job anyway
He’s PCA-bred, but now Cornerstone-fed
And with the art of a man he combs the hair on his head.

He’s J. Walk-Walker as it’s put by my son
A Scot by descent but from the land of the sun
In three short years he’s left a permanent mark
The stories are befitting a σατράπης of spark.

The seminary once had a meeting planned
With a PCA prof from America-land
But as the time was unfit and he was forced to eschew
We looked around and we saw him, J.F.W.

So we sat J. Forrest in the big pink chair
And with no preparation he expounded there
With clarity, profundity, and sharp insight
On the state of that church and its current plight.

He’s also got his name at the front of a book
Where the author calls a milestone his work undertook
On the authorship of Hebrews in an article writ
At the top of his game, with intellectual grit.

Near verbatim can he quote the whole of Princess Bride
And as I bring this to a close with a poetic stride
I can tell you he avoids classic blunders; I opine
Never go in against him when justification’s on the line.


Mr. Walker is also a regular attendee at Pipes & Steins, our Friday afternoon get-together here at the manor. It’s a time for us students to argue, and sometimes even yell, about things like whether or not David’s five slinging stones are symbolic of anything, or who, if anyone, won the War of 1812. If the weather is warm enough and nice enough, we sit outside. James looks forward to it a lot, and this afternoon Arenda found him in the backyard having Pipes & Steins alone:


2 thoughts on “Ode to a Greek Intern

  1. Nicely done, Jeremy, particularly the last line. I notice in the picture, though, that there is a woeful shortage of pipes and steins in James’ version. And Pipes & Steins alone?! A contradiction in terms if there ever was one 😉

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