The Festive Glint

It is a wonderful morning. There’s already close to 10 cm of snow on the ground, the forecast is calling for a winter storm, I’ve got a cup of coffee with a splash of Bailey’s on the way, the larder is well-stocked, as is the reading list, and there’s a special end-of-semester gezelligheit radiating from the warmth and the light of the fire. Fires know just how to do that.

Last night we hosted the end-of-semester party here at the manor. These are the same guys I’ve seen almost every day for the past three months, but there was no shortage of cheer and camaraderie. It was probably the elation at finishing a difficult semester and coming out just fine at the end. I think we told stories, laughed, and hollered for four hours straight, pausing only to get more food from upstairs. The only thing missing was some rowdy, hobbit-style dancing on the tabletops. But only barely missing; I saw the festive glint in Iwan’s eye.

I don’t have much planned for the holidays. We will be traveling to B.C. for a week to visit family and friends, but the majority of the three weeks will be spent here. I hope to write a chapel or two, try to keep up on some Greek and Hebrew vocab, and do plenty of reading. I also plan on posting a book review or two here throughout the holidays, among other things.

A selection of holiday readings:



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