That Hurtful Human Nature

The latest addition to the Index of Prohibited Subjects? Human nature:

IOWA CITY (AP) –            

The University of Iowa president has apologized for a remark she made to the student newspaper about sex assaults on campus.

In an interview published Feb. 18 in The Daily Iowan, President Sally Mason said she was dismayed by the reports of sexual assaults. She said “the goal would be to end that, to never have another sexual assault. That’s probably not a realistic goal just given human nature, and that’s unfortunate. …”

Criticism erupted over the phrase that includes “human nature.”

The Iowa City Press-Citizen says Mason apologized during a President’s Forum on Tuesday.

Mason said she’s been told by several people in the campus community that her remark was hurtful. She said she was “very, very sorry for any pain that my words might have caused.”

The whole “demand an apology” response is getting somewhat monotonous these days. If you wander at all from the sacred groupthink that passes for academia, whether you question abortion, or climate science, or egalitarianism, or if you believe that homosexuality is a sin, or, apparently, if you believe in human nature at all, the only response you are increasingly confronted with is one of intolerance and outrage. And then you’re supposed to apologize and play your part in the dull dance of deception, perpetuating the illusion of moral superiority that these people have arrogated to themselves. It is, indeed, so cheerless and bland that its only possible source could be human nature.


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