CRTS Class of 2032?

I received a phone call from Dr. Van Vliet a month or so back, inviting me to speak, along with third-year Rick, to a special audience the seminary would be hosting. He asked us to give a presentation on altars, as this had been the topic of our Old Testament research paper. No, this special audience was not a group of Messianic Jews. Rather, it was these guys:


That’s a class of astute kids who came all the way down from Owen Sound, what Google Maps tells me is almost a 3 hour drive. They made the long trip because their teacher was impressed by their keen enthusiasm for Bible class, and felt that a field trip to this hallowed abode of learning was just the thing for them. So I guess our job was twofold: give them a good presentation on altars, but also sell them on seminary.

Yesterday, then, after Hebrew class, Rick and I went upstairs to the great hall and delivered a joint lecture, expounding from our vast reserves of knowledge upon the subject of altars. By that I mean we fumbled around with the computer/power point setup for a while, and then told the stories of Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Solomon, and the altars that they built:


After the ten-minute presentation we got the kids to build their own altars. It was simple, a rock base glued onto cardboard, then a series of criss-crossed popsicle sticks, topped with a bloody sacrificial beast:


The blood – red marker – was a nice touch suggested by second-year Dr. William den Hollander II, Esquire. He, with third-year Johan, sat in on the presentation, and is seen here imparting profound insight to the young:


Lod and Ono, the valley of craftsmen:


And craftswomen:






2 thoughts on “CRTS Class of 2032?

  1. Thank you for the wonderful day spent at the seminary. The students enjoyed themselves tremendously as did the chaperons. Thank you for making our day special. Mrs. Emma Hutten and Grade one, two, and three students of Owen Sound Canadian Reformed School

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