The Men of CRTS

It was the final day of classes today, after which was taken the traditional CRTS photo. Probably the best-looking group of men to date:


Back row, L-R, with the year: John Boekee (1), James Zekveld (1), Hilmer Jagersma (2), David Pol (2), Gerrit Bruintjes (4), Johan Bruintjes (3), William den Hollander (2)
Middle row (excluding the professors): HanGil Lee (2), Jeff Poort (4), Jake Torenvliet (2), Randall Visscher (3), Gerard Veurink (3), Jeremy de Haan (2)
Front row: Jon Chase (2), Steve VanLeeuwen (3), Tyler Vandergaag (4), Rick Vanderhorst (3), Iwan Borst (2)
The professors, L-R: Dr. de Visser, Dr. Smith, Dr. Van Vliet, Dr. Van Raalte

And if you are wondering why in the world Dr. Visscher is not in the photo, click here:


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