A Supernatural, Timeless Cause of Everything

From the Apologetics war room (my study), to you, courtesy of third-year Rick, who found this the other day:

Produced by Kirk Durston. Cosmologists have recently arrived at the conclusion that the universe and even the multiverse (if there is one), required a ‘creation event’. If this is the case then, as Stephen Hawking put it, it would require the ‘hand of God’.


2 thoughts on “A Supernatural, Timeless Cause of Everything

  1. “Supernatural, timeless cause” does not necessarily equal “Yahweh”, so this is far from proof of the existence of God.
    But it’s a good start.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes, those are the limitations of both Apologetics and general revelation. We can discover certain attributes about God from the world around us, such as his being supernatural, timeless, and uncaused, but the name “Yahweh,” of course, could never be reached that way. It is among those truths, like the Trinity and the resurrection, that can only be discovered by believing the words of Scripture. A good start is the best thing you can hope for in Apologetics.

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