Chasing the Dragon

At this evening’s ethics class at church, someone pointed out Pastor Jim’s sunburn. He explained that in order to properly understand a metaphor, you must also properly understand the reality that the metaphor is using. So if Jesus talked of being fishers of men, that metaphor demands a proper understanding of fishing.

Okay, that’s probably only vaguely related to why we ended up with Travis Wierenga on Dragon Lake today, trailing a triplet of lines and as many wisps of pipe smoke. But if you ask me, the following picture is its own justification.




6 thoughts on “Chasing the Dragon

  1. You look perfectly content!
    James saw this picture and said, “Wow, that’s cute! I wish I could hold that fish!” And June said, “Raaa raa raaaah!” (which I’m pretty sure you could translate as, “Look at my papa!”)

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