Tales From the Digital Winds

Elsewhere in CRTSendom, some of my fellow knights-errant have found themselves to be more errant than I. Third-years Hilmer and William are blogumenting their travels abroad, one in prison, the other in Papua.

The itinerant Frisian:

Taming the Kinkajous – “… The curse of being “bored” is that we fail to take that time to appreciate God in our quiet time – to simply take in a blue sky, to watch the grass grow:), or to watch the beauty of creation all around us.  Or else, we overlook the fact that this period of “boredom” can be a great opportunity to simply spend time with God!  I can truly say that the men in prison understand this better than anybody.  When they are incarcerated they lose so much of that worldly entertainment – but many of them have come to appreciate the value of time alone with God, time for devotions, and time for personal prayer …”

The good doctor:

The Wanderings of an Eternal Student and His Family – “Yesterday afternoon I went along with Ian to Lae for a home visit with a young man who had been attending church for about a year but had recently been somewhat sporadic in attendance. He lives in the village behind the settlement behind the church. So we passed through the settlement, which is where non-locals have moved in and set up very rudimentary houses/shacks, squatting as it were. The conditions there are quite poor, squalor comes to mind, and the settlement can be quite dangerous as well …”


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