Black Rocks and Rooks

Meister_der_Manessischen_Liederhandschrift_004Dr. Visscher did the last chapel of the semester on the last day of exams, two weeks ago. He spoke about 1 Peter 1, about “God’s elect, exiles scattered throughout the provinces.” I don’t know if he intended it this way, but it’s pretty normal during the holidays for us at CRTS to be “scattered throughout the provinces.”

I was blessed this year to find myself scattered much farther than usual, to a befronded and circumsurfed island roughly seven and a half thousand kilometers from here. It was far enough away that at times, like just before leaping off Black Rock into the perfect ocean blue, or trudging through the sugar cane looking for the Jaws viewpoint, I wondered, Is Hamilton even real? But alas, eighteen hours of airports, flights, and commutes later, Hamilton was again my place of being-in-the-world.

Which brings me to chess. It’s holiday time at the manor, leaving plenty of time to indulge myself in the King’s Game. I’m always looking to improve my skills; and like anything else, you get better at chess by playing it. So if you’re a chess player, join me in a match over at It’s free to start an account, and you can play games that give you days to make a single move. Nice and relaxed.

My username is dehaanjr. If you don’t like finding your way around web sites, the easiest way to start a match is to send me your email address. I can then invite you over email, and it’s pretty straightforward from there.

Otherwise, after you start your account, put your mouse over “Play” at the top, then click on “Online Chess.” In the right-hand column near the middle of the page, you’ll see a list. Click on “Start New Game.” Enter my username in the box, and away we go.


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