The Active Roster

In case you’re not on Facebook, here’s the team at CRTS:

Back, L-R: Dr. Visscher, Dr. Van Raalte, Dr. Smith, John Boekee, Darren Feenstra, Iwan Borst, Gerard Veurink, Randall Visscher, Johan Bruintjes, Jake Torenvliet, David Pol, James Zekveld, Hilmer Jagersma, Dr. de Visser, Dr. Van Vliet.

Middle: Leana Lodder; and the three who make the seminary run: Margaret Alkema, Leanne Kuizenga, Catharine Mechelse.

Front: Steve VanLeeuwen, Cody Swaving, William den Hollander, Jeremy de Haan, Sungwon Yoon, Rick Vanderhorst, Jon Chase, Hangil Lee.


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